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Drive better outcomes for your business and employees.

The Basic Principles of People Analytics

Learn how to drive better outcomes for your business and employees

by Erik van Vulpen (author) and David Green (foreword)

People analytics is revolutionizing the way we practice Human Resource Management. Discover how you can leverage the power of data to drive better outcomes for your business and employees.

Together with David Green, Erik wrote an inspiring book for (HR) professionals, managers, and directors who want to get a feel for the scope of people analytics. Inspiring examples and anecdotes demonstrate how people analytics can benefit both the business AND employees. In this book, Erik combines his own experience and practical insights with plenty of inspiring examples.

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Who should read this book?

  • If you’re new to HR analytics and want to learn all the basics without having to plow through pages full of jargon, this book is for you. It’s concise and easy to read and will get you up-to-speed within hours.
  • If you’re not working in HR (yet) and want to explore this exciting new field, this book provides you the foundation you are looking for.
  • If you already have a career in HR analytics and are looking for in-depth knowledge and information, this book is NOT for you. It’s inspiring for those who have already started in this field but don’t expect in-depth (statistical) information.


After reading this book, you will:

  • have a solid understanding of what HR analytics is
  • know the difference between HR analytics and HR reporting
  • have a clear picture of the scope and the added value of HR analytics
  • understand the capabilities needed to build an HR analytics team
  • have plenty of ideas for applying HR analytics to your organization
  • know which pitfalls to avoid to prevent failure


About the Author
Erik van Vulpen is a founder of Analytics in HR. He’s an expert in connecting HR processes to business results through qualitative and quantitative methods. Erik has extensive experience in statistics and also teaches at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. He graduated in Law, Psychology (hons.) and Business Administration (hons.).

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Doing HR Analytics – A Practitioner’s Handbook With R Examples

Discover the data-science side of HR analytics. Including datasets and R syntaxes

by Lyndon Sundmark, MBA

Many books have been written about the significance and strategic impact of people analytics. This book is different because it focuses on the data-science and implementation aspects of hr analytics. It’s a handbook for practitioners about doing (predictive) HR analytics. The package explains in detail how to go about building advanced predictive models and includes the ebook, datasets and R syntaxes.

In his book, Lyndon provides detailed and in-depth knowledge on the data-science behind people analytics. Tutorials provide a blueprint for building advanced predictive models on absenteeism, employee attrition and more in R. Lyndon’s engaging writing style also helps readers devour the more complex aspects of doing HR analytics.

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You will find the flavor of this book as being both practical and pragmatic. The book reflects Lyndon’s passion for the field and his desire to help advance the field by sharing what has worked for him over time. In that vein, this book will:

  • cover practical, robust definitions and approaches.
  • share a ‘lay of the land’ that can help put into perspective many bits and pieces.
  • get you started on your own People Analytics journey.


About the Author
While the recognition of the applicability of People Analytics to HR management has been fairly recent, the building blocks to do this have been evolving for decades. Lyndon Sundmark wrote the Practitioner’s HR Analytics Handbook to share a wealth of practical knowledge and advance the field of People Analytics further.

Over 35 years ago, Lyndon’s journey in HR Analytics started. In 1980 he got his MBA from the University of Manitoba. The MBA gave him an interest in the field of HR and the integration of technology and statistics. Lyndon’s HR work since, which started out as a human resource planning analyst, has always sought to encourage HR to be ‘data driven’. In a sense, the content of the book reflects Lyndon’s own journey to this point.

What you get
The ebook/package includes:

  • Ebook in PDF format
  • Ebook in ePub format
  • Datasets for the Classification, Absenteeism, and Attrition tutorials
  • R syntaxes for the tutorials

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Package Deal: both ebooks for just $69.-

Package Deal: both ebooks for just $69,-

This book is only published as an ebook because the package also includes datasets, lines of code and syntaxes.
 In that sense, the book goes far beyond what you expect from a “normal” book. The e-book allows you to copy lines of code from the book directly into R (studio).

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David Green is widely recognized as the industry leader in the field of HR analytics. We feel honored that he has been willing to contribute to this book by writing the foreword. Additionally, David also provided us with lots of input for the rest of the book, which has been written by AnalyticsinHR co-founder Erik van Vulpen.

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