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Top 5 Trending HR Analytics Articles of May 2017

Employee privacy, tracking employees, HR analytics tools, common sense and Alec Levenson: this month’s top HR analytics articles provide a great overview of what’s been going...

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Employee privacy, tracking employees, HR analytics tools, common sense and Alec Levenson: this month’s top HR analytics articles provide a great overview of what’s been going on in the analytics field. We will start at #5 and work our way down to number 1! Here are this month’s most trending articles.

#5 CHRO’s Meet – Blacks & Whites of HR Analytics

Our first top story was written by Manoj Kumar. In his article, he provides an excellent overview of a CHRO meet he attended. The topics discussed at that meeting reflect the current challenges in the HR analytics field today.

One of the challenges mentioned in the article is in creating and communicating change through data insights. As you will read in #3, it is easy to show interesting data but telling the story is the hard part.

Another challenge is hype vs reality. There’s an increasing amount of noise around us and it’s hard to separate that from the signal. However, there are success stories! Manoj shares a few of them in his article.

#4 Top 5 HR Analytics Tools

Our number 4 was written by yours truly and is titled 5 HR analytics tools.

A lot of people have asked me: “if I want to get started with HR analytics, what tools should I use?” I wrote this article to answer this question.

Because people are unique and act differently from place to place, there is no one best tool. A one-size-fits-all analytics solution doesn’t exist yet – and probably never will.

The best HR analytics tools help the user to aggregate, clean and analyze data from different internal HR systems. Which tool you need depends on the issues your organization is dealing with. Read more about which tools would suit your organization’s analytics’ purpose best.

#3 People analytics success = data + common sense

In this article, Michael Carty reports from Tucana’s People Analytics World. People analytics is 50% cold, hard statistics and 50% common sense. In other words: without intuition, data is worthless. A lack of intuition is also a fundamental problem that HR departments are facing, according to Alec Levenson.

HR has access to a lot of data, but the relevance is lacking. Good HR strategy should flow from the business strategy.

An easy way to solve this is for HR to develop storytelling capabilities. Instead of just publishing the data, HR should tell the story behind the data. That’s how data will create impact and initiate change.

These and other learnings from the different speakers can be found here.

#2 HR Analytics Trailblazers

Tom Starner provides us with a fascinating read about the HR analytics journey of EA. In a few years’ time data analytics has come alive at EA.

Analytics trailblazers like EA differentiate themselves from other organizations through traits like visionary leadership, disruptive thinking, clear business alignment, being comfortable with exploration and failure, and collaboration.

By creating drill-down dashboards and by cooperating with different analytics tool providers EA has become one of the leaders in the analytics space. In this article, you can read more about EAs journey and the future of HR analytics.

#1 The inevitable future of Slack is your boss using it to spy on you

We all know the frustration of being interrupted by a colleague while you were feeling ‘in the flow’. These interruptions are detrimental to employee productivity – and may now be a thing of the past.

FlowLight is a system that evaluates how busy someone is. When your activity is in the top 9% of your normal range, a red light turns on so your colleagues know not to disturb you.
According to ABB, a Swedish-Swiss industrial engineering company, this system reduces the number of interruptions by 46%. This is a perfect example of how technology can improve productivity and change the way we work.

Another example is Slack, a communication tool. This wildly popular app helps to facilitate internal communication and eliminates the need for email. Users use different channels to share messages and discuss work-related topics, quite like a public email thread.

Slack as a communication channel is fascinating, but there’s more. The analytics behind the communication are even more fascinating: Slack claims to be able to monitor productivity and can identify residential experts on specific topics. Imagine the HR analytics applications!

Read Lila MacLellan‘s full article here.

Bonus – Alec Levenson

Okay, a bonus. We mentioned Alec Levenson before. Together with Max Bloomberg, he recorded a podcast for Tucana. Alec has a very clear and practical vision on people analytics. We embedded the podcast below.

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