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Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of February 2018

Welcome to the 3rd edition of our ‘Most Trending Articles’ of 2018! Here at Analytics in HR, we’re excited about the explosive growth of HR Analytics....

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Welcome to the 3rd edition of our ‘Most Trending Articles’ of 2018! Here at Analytics in HR, we’re excited about the explosive growth of HR Analytics. With such an explosive growth, also comes an explosive growth in quality articles regarding this topic. Here are the top 5 articles we enjoyed reading the most last month. Happy reading!

#5: 5 Employee Induction Best Practices from HR Experts

Starting off at our #5 spot, we have an excellent article written by Hannah Wright on Employee Induction. Here at Analytics in HR, we love articles that give you best practices on a relevant HR topic.

In her article, Hannah Wright asks several HR Experts on their opinion on creating the best-in-class employee induction program that sets up employees for success.

She says that you should:

  1. Keep up the momentum
  2. Ask for feedback on your employee induction process
  3. Tailoring your induction plan according to your hiring process
  4. Define the role & make sure the whole team is aligned
  5. Explain to hires what to expect in terms of communication.

If you want to learn more in-depth how you can best handle a world-class induction program, be sure to read her article here.

Employee Induction

#4: Big Companies Are Embracing Analytics, But Most Still Don’t Have a Date-Driven Culture

In recent times, we keep hearing from thought leaders about the explosive growth in people analytics and the use of HR data. Josh Bersin recently said that 69% of companies are now using a people analytics team. Great news!

However, Thomas Davenport and Randy Bean show that, despite this great news, big companies still don’t have a data-driven culture. Why is that?

They discuss several insights from different surveys and which challenges companies are facing in the implementation of a data-driven culture.

Read their article here.

Agile Entreprise

#3 How Organizational Network Analysis Enables a Transition to a More Agile Enterprise

We’ve recently hosted a great webinar on Organizational Network Analysis (ONA). This area of HR Analytics is receiving more and more attention, as people start seeing the benefit of it. Rob Cross, a well-known thought leader in this field, recently wrote an excellent article on this topic. He explores an excellent case study, in which ONA enabled a company to transition to a more agile enterprise. He discusses the challenges the company faced, how ONA overcame these challenges and what the final results were.

If you want to learn more about the practical application of ONA, read the rest of his insightful article here.

Journey Analytics

#2: Employee Journey Analytics

At our #2 spot, we have an excellent article written by Christophe Martel about Employee Journey Analytics. Recently, customer experience is becoming a top priority for corporations around the world. Progressive companies are now using this experience and relating it to HR, in order to manage their Employee’s Experience at least as well as they manage their customers’.

In his article, he talks about how this could improve HR’s strategic impact on the company. He discusses how HR can actively influence the Employee Experience through visualization, analytics & reporting.

If you’re interested in Employee Experience, this is a great read! Read his full article here.

People analytics leader

#1 The role of the People Analytics leader – Part 2: Creating Organizational Culture & Shaping the Future

Coming in at #1, we have the second part of an excellent article written by David Green and Arun Chidambaram. It came in at #5 last month, but this time David Green and Arun Chidambaram take the #1 spot! In their article, they talk about the role of the People Analytics leader within his/her organization. David Green talks with Arun Chidambaram, recognized as one of the leading authorities in the field of People Analytics and well-known speaker. In their article, they covers topics such as:

  • Key responsibilities as Head of People Analytics
  • Main characteristics of process, technology and skills.
  • Important skills and capabilities of a Head of People Analytics
  • Creating an analytical mindset with HR BP’s, HR, and the wider organization.
  • Prioritizing Project Requests
  • Main trends in People Analytics
  • Ethics, Privacy and Trust

His article is filled to the brim with knowledge and first-hand experience about the role of a truly successful people analytics leader.

Read the rest of his article here.

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