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Top 5 Trending HR analytics Articles of December 2017

Here at Analytics in HR, we hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are ready to continue your HR Analytics journey in 2018! To get you...

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Here at Analytics in HR, we hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday and are ready to continue your HR Analytics journey in 2018! To get you started in the New Year, we’ve made a list of our favorite HR articles of December. Happy reading!

#5 How to Successfully Select and Implement an HRIS

We’re starting this edition off with an excellent article written by Raja Sengupta and Sandeep Banarjee. Here at Analytics in HR, we love articles that are practical and show in-depth how you should handle a particular challenge. Raja and Sandeep’s article is just that, showing you how to successfully select and implement an HRIS.

In their article, they discuss:

  • What an HRIS is
  • Selection criteria for an HRIS
  • The HRIS Implementation Lifecycle
  • How to successfully implement an HRIS
  • The pros- and cons of top HRIS vendors
  • Long-term considerations of HRIS

Their article is filled to the brim with knowledge and first-hand experience about implementing HRIS. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re thinking about, or are currently, implementing an HRIS.

Read the rest of their article here.

#4: The Legal Risks of Monitoring Employees Online

As an HR professional, you want to know as much as you can about your employees. However, over the past few years this has become increasingly more difficult. Especially with the upcoming GDPR for the EU, there are numerous ramifications for collecting and storing data of employees. In their article, Brenda Sharton and Karen Neuman discuss the legal risks of monitoring employees online.

In their article, they talk about several key questions companies should consider before deploying employee monitoring software. First, whom are you monitoring? Second, what are you monitoring? And third, where are you monitoring?

They discuss these key questions and several global considerations in their article, which has rightly won our #4 spot. Read the full article here.

#3 People Analytics 3.0

Al Adamsen is a well-known thought leader in the field of HR Analytics. Recently, he wrote an article about “People Analytics 3.0”. Today, People Analytics is more and more about creating and deploying analytically-based products. These products not only create value for the company, but also for its employees.

Think of products that include skill-mapping, career navigations, listening, and well-being tools. But, if he discusses People Analytics 3.0, what are People Analytics 2.0 and 1.0?

He discusses this and more in his article, in which he elaborates on the advancements of people analytics and how you can reap the benefits from these developments.

You can read it here.

#2: To nudge or not to nudge?

As HR Analytics professionals, we receive and analyze a lot of data. This data usually shows how you should best handle a certain challenge or issue. However, knowing what the company and its employees should do and actually following through on that knowledge are two completely different things. Everyone knows that they should attend trainings to further their knowledge, but not everybody does so.

In his article, Rob Gray discusses the nudge theory, originally proposed by Thaler (who received the Nobel Prize for economics in 2017) and Sunstein. The nudge theory is based on the premise that humans are not as rational as we think, and may need support to fulfil our potential. In his article, he talks about whether HR should support a type of “Nanny State”.

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We know, for example, that energy levels affect our thinking, so we are better making important decisions after lunch than at the end of a long morning. Accommodating meetings accordingly can nudge the company in the right direction.

Rob Gray argues that this type of nudging should be embraced more often by people in HR and we couldn’t agree more. Read the rest of his article here.

#1: People Analytics Finally Grows Up

For our #1 spot this month, we have an article written by the one and only Josh Bersin. He’s a frequenter on our monthly list, as his articles are always filled with insights from his twenty-plus years of experience in the field of People Analytics

This time, he discusses what’s next in the field of People Analytics. He suggests that:

  1. People Analytics has grown up – it is now an established discipline in business
  2. The problems of data quality, integration, and integrity are being addressed
  3. Companies are greatly expanding the type, nature, and level of data to analyze
  4. Data and analytics literacy has become an imperative for HR professionals
  5. AI and Machine Learning have arrived – and People Analytics teams are using these algorithms to partner with the business

It’s a must-read for everyone who’s interested in the field of people analytics. Read the full article here.

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