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Top 5 Trending HR Analytics Articles of April 2017

We’re back! The last few month’s we’ve been very busy preparing the brand new HR analyst course and we had to skip our Trending Articles post....

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We’re back! The last few month’s we’ve been very busy preparing the brand new HR analyst course and we had to skip our Trending Articles post.
However, we have now finalized the analytics course and are ready to bring you the top 5 articles again. And what a month it has been! I have selected the best articles of April 2017. Enjoy!

#5. Are people the most important variable in your data analytics equation?

According to Rob Holston, analytics offers great potential when applied to a company’s value chain. The big challenge is to turn this potential into reality. Companies can only do this when they find the right balance between the technological element of analytics and the human element.

This means that companies need to improve these technological elements, like their data infrastructures and tools, data quality and competencies in data science. In addition, they need to improve the human element, like their organizational design, culture, and leadership, while learning how to act on their analytics insights.

In his article, Rob offers advice on how to get the human element of analytics right.

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#4. Hidden Gold in HR Reporting and the HR Dashboard

One of this month’s most-shared articles is our own guide on how to do HR reporting. I wrote this article because there’s a genuine appetite for practical and hands-on advice on how to get the basics of HR analytics right. HR reporting and dashboarding is a starting point for a lot of organizations.

In the article, we write about the why of HR reporting. An up-to-date and automated HR report makes monitoring easier, helps in managing HR information and helps to track problem areas within the organization.

The article includes multiple examples of HR dashboards that you can use as inspiration for building your own. In addition, we talk about the personnel flow matrix and we’ve added a list of HR metrics that you can use to get more insight from your HR data.

Click the link to read more about HR reporting.

#3. Who’s who in people analytics

According to Paul Burrin, people analytics will shift from a “nice to have” to an essential for all HR departments in 2017. In this article, Paul lists the 20 experts in people analytics to watch out for! The list includes names like David Green, Max Blumberg, David Millner and Alec Levenson.

This group of influencers is constantly sharing new content and research to help organizations perform better. Enjoy the list.

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#2. People Analytics by re:Work

Google has always been a leader in the people analytics space. This is not so much an article, as it is a great resource people who are starting with people analytics.

This page provides 4 guides, 2 case studies and 10 blogs on how to do people analytics. It includes guides on how to run an employee survey, how to identify and define metrics and how to adopt an analytics mindset.

The blogs, written by different writers (including our own Jared Valdron), exemplify different aspects of people analytics and HR data systems. All in all, a very useful resource when you want to know more about people analytics.

Click here to read more.

#1. A Call to Arms for the Future of Peoples Analytics

This month’s number 1 article is written by Max Blumberg and Mark Lawrence. This might be one of the most important articles published this year.

“The time is ripe for the creation of a People Analytics Association”, the authors write. The number of articles written on people analytics is expanding exponentially. However, when we look at the marketplace there’s a lot of snake oil, and smoke and mirrors.
Max and Mark divide the people analytics space into three groups:

  1. Content creators and publishers
  2. People analytics consultant
  3. Product developers

According to the authors, the content creators provide channels of advancement but they often lack the experience to do people analytics.

The people analytics consultants are a dying breed. These days, everyone is claiming to be an expert, while the product developers are silently taking over.

Product developers are the “doers” of people analytics. They are the future of the people analytics fields. However, there’s a lot of snake oil salesmen who do the industry no favors.

Max and Mark continue that “People analytics must become a profession with a serious professional body that oversees its direction, ethics, competencies and standards.”

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Do you want to know how this should happen? Read more about the specifics in this month’s #1 article.

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