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– Case studies: Read how smart analytics and psychometric testing increased sales revenue in one case and reduced workplace accidents in a transportation company in another one.
– Tutorial: Check our tutorial on how to use R to analyze employee churn and how to go about analyzing the impact of engagement on business performance.
– Business case: We also show the value of HR analytics in a number of business cases. We examine for example what the costs are for employee turnover and employee absenteeism.
– Explanations of what people analyitcs is: Check our popular 9 HR Analytics terms you should know Part 1 and Part 2!
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The appetite for people analytics is astronomical. Check the articles below to read why.

HR analytics and Social network analysis by André Vermeij

Network Analytics on HR Data: A Practical Perspective and 3 Case Studies

Have you always wanted to measure collaboration within your company and improve your decision-making accordingly? Network analytics can guide you on your way. This post includes 3 case studies and a fully interactive visualization to get you started. Internal and external communication and collaboration within and between organisations have traditionally been hard to measure. Interestingly,…

HR on the move

On October 18th, the AOG School of Management organized an event about big data and HR analytics in the Netherlands. Three keynote speakers spoke about the future of HR tech and analytics. In this article I would like to share with you the main – and very interesting – takeaways. Tom Haak (HR Trend Institute) – Twitter…