Human resources analytics, also called HR analytics or people analytics, is revolutionizing people management. The way human resources departments are run will change by applying data-driven approaches. You can get an overview of all the articles, below.

Some of these articles provide a closer look at the business case behind Human resources analytics. Examples are the business case we wrote about turnover analytics, and how it can save companies millions of dollars, or how reducing absenteeism can help companies save even more money.

If you want to know more about the application of human resources analytics, you can read about how smart measures and statistical analyses reduced workplace accidents at a company in Zimbabwe and increased sales for a retail chain.

Below you will find an overview of all articles!

What is HR analytics

What is HR Analytics?

The question “what is HR analytics?” is asked by a lot of HR professionals who want to get started with people analytics. In this post, we will explain what HR analytics is and how it will shape businesses in the future. Table of content:IntroductionWhat is HR analytics?HR analytics in literatureHow HR analytics helps Human Resources…

HR analytics and Social network analysis by André Vermeij

Network Analytics on HR Data: A Practical Perspective and 3 Case Studies

Have you always wanted to measure collaboration within your company and improve your decision-making accordingly? Network analytics can guide you on your way. This post includes 3 case studies and a fully interactive visualization to get you started. Internal and external communication and collaboration within and between organisations have traditionally been hard to measure. Interestingly,…