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Shedding Light on Knowledge Hiding

With the rise of remote work and increased employee mobility thanks to the gig economy, knowledge sharing is becoming increasingly important for organizations. However, it is not enough to simply facilitate knowledge sharing. In order to be effective, HR should actively combat knowledge hiding. Knowledge hiding can be defined as “an intentional attempt by an…


What we all would like to know: Does Leadership Influence Business KPIs?

Dutch Railways (NS) has about 1,000 managers. What makes these managers effective? To answer that question Hanneke Beelen (Leadership) and Jean-Paul Lucassen (People Analytics) of NS worked together with the University of Amsterdam to study the effectivity of leaders in operations. Read on to learn about their findings. The impact of good leadership Leadership is…


Recruitment Analytics: The 3 Levels to Optimize Recruiting

Recruitment analytics, also known as recruiting analytics, plays an increasingly important role for recruiters and recruitment managers. Recruitment analytics can help to make better, data-driven choices when it comes to sourcing, selection, and hiring. In this article, we will explain what recruiting analytics is, and how to get to value-adding analytics in three steps. What…