The AIHR Story

We know People Analytics. In fact, we wrote a blog on it.

At Analytics in HR (AIHR) we believe there is a much smarter way to make people-related decisions. A more strategic way that drives better outcomes for both the organization and its employees. We are obviously passionate about it, and our mission is to help HR professionals all over the world apply this technique. We focus on HR Analytics (also known as People Analytics). It’s about leveraging the power of data to identify the relationships between HR practices and business outcomes and make better, evidence-based decisions. We’re excited about sharing our knowledge of HR analytics through our blog, online courses, and People Analytics community.

Our founding

AIHR was founded by Erik van Vulpen and Nando Steenhuis in 2016. It was called Analytics in HR at the founding and started as a niche consulting that was heading the implementation of people analytics at some local (Dutch) organizations. Soon after launching the company we started sharing our learnings with a worldwide audience and founded the Analytics in HR blog which since has rapidly grown and became the leading online platform.

This hub of industry expertise led us to create some of our first online training courses and later transformed into the HR Analytics Academy.

Early growth & academy

After launching the AIHR blog we quickly started to experience the astronomical appetite for people analytics, and in two years time, the website grew from just a couple of visitors per day to over 70.000 visitors each month.

At the same time the AIHR team also rapidly expanded from just two founders to 12 dedicated professionals, set on boosting the strategic impact of HR professionals worldwide. Together with a blog squad of subject matter experts, researchers, and practitioners we are working to write some of the most practical articles out there and produce courses that help HR professionals develop in-demand skills.

Growth & Academy

Our customers

With the AIHR blog, we reach over 70.000 (HR) professionals spread across all 6 continents, each month.

We believe that connecting with our readers is vital to understanding their needs and creating the content and resources that will help them move forward in their journey. Our 2017 customer survey revealed that 85% of our readers work for organizations with at least 10.000 employees and that our typical subscriber is still at an early stage of the people analytics journey.

Through the AIHR Academy, we have helped over 1600 individual people launch or advance their career in this exciting field. We’re proud that our alumni work for some of the best-known brands in the world. On top of the individual programs, we help organizations to foster a data-driven culture by training their entire HR staff on the basics of data-driven HR.


We are AIHR, nice to meet you!

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